Sequences of elements in finite types

Content created by Egbert Rijke, Fredrik Bakke and Jonathan Prieto-Cubides.

Created on 2022-05-06.
Last modified on 2024-04-11.

module univalent-combinatorics.sequences-finite-types where
open import elementary-number-theory.decidable-types
open import elementary-number-theory.natural-numbers
open import elementary-number-theory.strict-inequality-natural-numbers
open import elementary-number-theory.well-ordering-principle-natural-numbers

open import foundation.action-on-identifications-functions
open import foundation.cartesian-product-types
open import foundation.dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.equivalences
open import foundation.function-types
open import foundation.identity-types
open import foundation.injective-maps
open import foundation.negated-equality
open import foundation.pairs-of-distinct-elements
open import foundation.repetitions-of-values
open import foundation.repetitions-sequences
open import foundation.sequences
open import foundation.sets
open import foundation.universe-levels

open import univalent-combinatorics.counting
open import univalent-combinatorics.equality-standard-finite-types
open import univalent-combinatorics.pigeonhole-principle
open import univalent-combinatorics.standard-finite-types


Sequences of elements in finite types must have repetitions. Furthermore, since equality in finite types is decidable, there must be a first repetition in any sequence of elements in a finite type.


repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin :
  (k : ) (f :   Fin k)  repetition-of-values f
repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f =
    ( is-emb-nat-Fin (succ-ℕ k))
    ( repetition-of-values-Fin-succ-to-Fin k (f  nat-Fin (succ-ℕ k)))

pair-of-distinct-elements-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin :
  (k : ) (f : sequence (Fin k))  pair-of-distinct-elements 
pair-of-distinct-elements-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f =
  pair-of-distinct-elements-repetition-of-values f
    ( repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f)

first-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin :
  (k : ) (f : sequence (Fin k))  
first-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f =
  first-repetition-of-values f (repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f)

second-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin :
  (k : ) (f : sequence (Fin k))  
second-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f =
  second-repetition-of-values f (repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f)

distinction-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin :
  (k : ) (f : sequence (Fin k)) 
  first-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f 
  second-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f
distinction-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f =
  distinction-repetition-of-values f (repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f)

is-repetition-pair-of-distinct-elements-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin :
  (k : ) (f : sequence (Fin k)) 
  is-repetition-of-values f
    ( pair-of-distinct-elements-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f)
is-repetition-pair-of-distinct-elements-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f =
  is-repetition-of-values-repetition-of-values f
    ( repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f)

le-first-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin :
  (k : ) (f : sequence (Fin k)) 
  le-ℕ (first-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f) (succ-ℕ k)
le-first-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f =
    ( succ-ℕ k)
    ( first-repetition-of-values
      ( f  nat-Fin (succ-ℕ k))
      ( repetition-of-values-le-Fin
        ( succ-ℕ k)
        ( k)
        ( f  nat-Fin (succ-ℕ k))
        ( succ-le-ℕ k)))

Ordered repetitions of values of maps out of the natural numbers

repetition-of-values-nat-to-count :
  {l : Level} {A : UU l} (e : count A) (f :   A)  repetition-of-values f
repetition-of-values-nat-to-count e f =
    ( is-emb-is-equiv (is-equiv-map-inv-equiv (equiv-count e)))
    ( repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin
      ( number-of-elements-count e)
      ( map-inv-equiv-count e  f))

ordered-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin :
  (k : ) (f :   Fin k)  ordered-repetition-of-values-ℕ f
ordered-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f =
  ordered-repetition-of-values-repetition-of-values-ℕ f
    (repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f)

ordered-repetition-of-values-nat-to-count :
  {l : Level} {A : UU l} (e : count A) (f :   A) 
  ordered-repetition-of-values-ℕ f
ordered-repetition-of-values-nat-to-count e f =
    ( is-emb-is-equiv (is-equiv-map-inv-equiv (equiv-count e)))
    ( ordered-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin
      ( number-of-elements-count e)
      ( map-inv-equiv-count e  f))

minimal-element-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin :
  (k : ) (f :   Fin k) 
  minimal-element-ℕ  x  Σ   y  (le-ℕ y x) × (f y  f x)))
minimal-element-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f =
    ( λ x  Σ   y  (le-ℕ y x) × (Id (f y) (f x))))
    ( λ x 
      is-decidable-strictly-bounded-Σ-ℕ' x
        ( λ y  f y  f x)
        ( λ y  has-decidable-equality-Fin k (f y) (f x)))
    ( v , u , H , p)
  r = ordered-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k f
  u = pr1 (pr1 r)
  v = pr1 (pr2 (pr1 r))
  H = pr2 (pr2 (pr1 r))
  p = pr2 r

minimal-element-repetition-of-values-sequence-count :
  {l : Level} {A : UU l} (e : count A) (f :   A) 
  minimal-element-ℕ  x  Σ   y  (le-ℕ y x) × (f y  f x)))
minimal-element-repetition-of-values-sequence-count (k , e) f =
  ( ( n) ,
    ( ( u) ,
      ( H) ,
      ( is-injective-is-emb (is-emb-is-equiv (is-equiv-map-inv-equiv e)) p)) ,
    ( λ t (v , K , q)  l t (v , K , ap (map-inv-equiv e) q)))
  m = minimal-element-repetition-of-values-sequence-Fin k (map-inv-equiv e  f)
  n = pr1 m
  u = pr1 (pr1 (pr2 m))
  H = pr1 (pr2 (pr1 (pr2 m)))
  p = pr2 (pr2 (pr1 (pr2 m)))
  l = pr2 (pr2 m)

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