Families of maps

Content created by Fredrik Bakke, Daniel Gratzer, Egbert Rijke and Elisabeth Stenholm.

Created on 2023-11-27.
Last modified on 2024-01-31.

module foundation.families-of-maps where
open import foundation.dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.equivalences
open import foundation.type-arithmetic-dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.universal-property-dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.universe-levels

open import foundation-core.contractible-types
open import foundation-core.families-of-equivalences
open import foundation-core.function-types
open import foundation-core.functoriality-dependent-function-types
open import foundation-core.functoriality-dependent-pair-types
open import foundation-core.homotopies
open import foundation-core.identity-types
open import foundation-core.propositions
open import foundation-core.subtypes
open import foundation-core.type-theoretic-principle-of-choice


Given a type A and type families B C : A → Type, a family of maps from B to C is an element of the type (x : A) → B x → C x.

module _
  {l1 l2 l3 : Level} {A : UU l1}
  (B : A  UU l2) (C : A  UU l3)

  fam-map : UU (l1  l2  l3)
  fam-map = (x : A)  B x  C x


Families of maps are equivalent to maps of total spaces respecting the first coordinate

  equiv-fam-map-map-tot-space :
    fam-map  Σ (Σ A B  Σ A C)  f  pr1 ~ (pr1  f))
  equiv-fam-map-map-tot-space =
       (((x , _) : Σ A B)  C x) by equiv-ind-Σ
       (((x , _) : Σ A B) 
          Σ (Σ A (x =_)) λ (x' , _)  C x') by equiv-Π-equiv-family  (x , _) 
                                                    (is-torsorial-Id x)
                                                    (x , refl))
       (((x , _) : Σ A B) 
          Σ (Σ A C) λ (x' , _)  x  x') by equiv-Π-equiv-family  (x , _) 
       Σ (Σ A B  Σ A C)
           f  pr1 ~ (pr1  f)) by distributive-Π-Σ

Families of equivalences are equivalent to equivalences of total spaces respecting the first coordinate

  equiv-fam-equiv-equiv-tot-space :
    fam-equiv B C  Σ (Σ A B  Σ A C)  e  pr1 ~ (pr1  map-equiv e))
  equiv-fam-equiv-equiv-tot-space =
      fam-equiv B C
       fiberwise-equiv B C by equiv-fiberwise-equiv-fam-equiv B C
       Σ (Σ (Σ A B  Σ A C)
             e  pr1 ~ (pr1  e)))
           (e , _)  is-equiv e) by equiv-subtype-equiv
                                         f  Π-Prop A (is-equiv-Prop  f))
                                         (e , _)  is-equiv-Prop e)
                                          is-equiv-tot-is-fiberwise-equiv ,
       Σ (Σ A B  Σ A C)
           e  pr1 ~ (pr1  map-equiv e)) by equiv-right-swap-Σ

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