Dependent products of large suplattices

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Created on 2023-05-09.
Last modified on 2024-04-11.

module order-theory.dependent-products-large-suplattices where
open import foundation.large-binary-relations
open import foundation.sets
open import foundation.universe-levels

open import order-theory.dependent-products-large-posets
open import order-theory.large-posets
open import order-theory.large-suplattices
open import order-theory.least-upper-bounds-large-posets


Families of least upper bounds of families of elements in dependent products of large posets are again least upper bounds. Therefore it follows that dependent products of large suplattices are again large suplattices.


module _
  {α : Level  Level} {β : Level  Level  Level} {γ : Level}
  {l1 : Level} {I : UU l1} (L : I  Large-Suplattice α β γ)

  large-poset-Π-Large-Suplattice :
    Large-Poset  l2  α l2  l1)  l2 l3  β l2 l3  l1)
  large-poset-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    Π-Large-Poset  i  large-poset-Large-Suplattice (L i))

  is-large-suplattice-Π-Large-Suplattice :
    is-large-suplattice-Large-Poset γ large-poset-Π-Large-Suplattice
    ( is-large-suplattice-Π-Large-Suplattice {l2} {l3} {J} a) i =
    sup-Large-Suplattice (L i)  j  a j i)
    ( is-large-suplattice-Π-Large-Suplattice {l2} {l3} {J} a) =
      ( λ i  large-poset-Large-Suplattice (L i))
      ( a)
      ( λ i  sup-Large-Suplattice (L i)  j  a j i))
      ( λ i 
        is-least-upper-bound-sup-Large-Suplattice (L i)  j  a j i))

  Π-Large-Suplattice :
    Large-Suplattice  l2  α l2  l1)  l2 l3  β l2 l3  l1) γ
  large-poset-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice =
  is-large-suplattice-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice =

  set-Π-Large-Suplattice : (l : Level)  Set (α l  l1)
  set-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    set-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  type-Π-Large-Suplattice : (l : Level)  UU (α l  l1)
  type-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    type-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  is-set-type-Π-Large-Suplattice :
    {l : Level}  is-set (type-Π-Large-Suplattice l)
  is-set-type-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    is-set-type-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  leq-prop-Π-Large-Suplattice :
      ( λ l2 l3  β l2 l3  l1)
      ( type-Π-Large-Suplattice)
  leq-prop-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    leq-prop-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  leq-Π-Large-Suplattice :
    {l2 l3 : Level}
    (x : type-Π-Large-Suplattice l2) (y : type-Π-Large-Suplattice l3) 
    UU (β l2 l3  l1)
  leq-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    leq-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  is-prop-leq-Π-Large-Suplattice :
    is-prop-Large-Relation type-Π-Large-Suplattice leq-Π-Large-Suplattice
  is-prop-leq-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    is-prop-leq-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  refl-leq-Π-Large-Suplattice :
    is-reflexive-Large-Relation type-Π-Large-Suplattice leq-Π-Large-Suplattice
  refl-leq-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    refl-leq-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  antisymmetric-leq-Π-Large-Suplattice :
      ( type-Π-Large-Suplattice)
      ( leq-Π-Large-Suplattice)
  antisymmetric-leq-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    antisymmetric-leq-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  transitive-leq-Π-Large-Suplattice :
      ( type-Π-Large-Suplattice)
      ( leq-Π-Large-Suplattice)
  transitive-leq-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    transitive-leq-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  sup-Π-Large-Suplattice :
    {l2 l3 : Level} {J : UU l2} (x : J  type-Π-Large-Suplattice l3) 
    type-Π-Large-Suplattice (γ  l2  l3)
  sup-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    sup-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  is-upper-bound-family-of-elements-Π-Large-Suplattice :
    {l2 l3 l4 : Level} {J : UU l2} (x : J  type-Π-Large-Suplattice l3)
    (y : type-Π-Large-Suplattice l4)  UU (β l3 l4  l1  l2)
  is-upper-bound-family-of-elements-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    is-upper-bound-family-of-elements-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  is-least-upper-bound-family-of-elements-Π-Large-Suplattice :
    {l2 l3 l4 : Level} {J : UU l2} (x : J  type-Π-Large-Suplattice l3) 
    type-Π-Large-Suplattice l4  UUω
  is-least-upper-bound-family-of-elements-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    is-least-upper-bound-family-of-elements-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

  is-least-upper-bound-sup-Π-Large-Suplattice :
    {l2 l3 : Level} {J : UU l2} (x : J  type-Π-Large-Suplattice l3) 
    is-least-upper-bound-family-of-elements-Π-Large-Suplattice x
      ( sup-Π-Large-Suplattice x)
  is-least-upper-bound-sup-Π-Large-Suplattice =
    is-least-upper-bound-sup-Large-Suplattice Π-Large-Suplattice

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