Normal cores of subgroups

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Created on 2023-08-07.
Last modified on 2023-11-24.

module group-theory.normal-cores-subgroups where
open import foundation.action-on-identifications-functions
open import foundation.dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.embeddings
open import foundation.equivalences
open import foundation.identity-types
open import foundation.intersections-subtypes
open import foundation.logical-equivalences
open import foundation.propositional-maps
open import foundation.subtypes
open import foundation.universe-levels

open import group-theory.conjugation
open import group-theory.groups
open import group-theory.normal-subgroups
open import group-theory.subgroups
open import group-theory.subsets-groups

open import order-theory.galois-connections-large-posets
open import order-theory.order-preserving-maps-large-posets
open import order-theory.order-preserving-maps-large-preorders


Consider a subgroup H of a group G. The normal core of H is the largest normal subgroup of G that is contained in H. It is equivalently described as the intersection of all conjugates of H.

In other words, the normal core operation is the upper adjoint in a Galois connection between the large poset of subgroups of G and normal subgroups of G. The lower adjoint of this Galois connection is the inclusion function from normal subgroups to subgroups of G.

Note: The normal core should not be confused with the normalizer of a subgroup, or with the normal closure of a subgroup.


The universal property of the normal core

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} (G : Group l1) (H : Subgroup l2 G)

  is-normal-core-Subgroup :
    {l3 : Level} (N : Normal-Subgroup l3 G)  UUω
  is-normal-core-Subgroup N =
    {l : Level} (M : Normal-Subgroup l G) 
    leq-Subgroup G (subgroup-Normal-Subgroup G M) H  leq-Normal-Subgroup G M N

The construction of the normal core

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} (G : Group l1) (H : Subgroup l2 G)

  subset-normal-core-Subgroup : subset-Group (l1  l2) G
  subset-normal-core-Subgroup =
      ( λ (x : type-Group G) 
          ( comp-emb
            ( emb-equiv (equiv-conjugation-Group G x))
            ( emb-inclusion-Subgroup G H)))

  is-in-normal-core-Subgroup : type-Group G  UU (l1  l2)
  is-in-normal-core-Subgroup =
    is-in-subtype subset-normal-core-Subgroup

  is-closed-under-eq-normal-core-Subgroup :
    {x y : type-Group G}  is-in-normal-core-Subgroup x 
    x  y  is-in-normal-core-Subgroup y
  is-closed-under-eq-normal-core-Subgroup =
    is-closed-under-eq-subtype subset-normal-core-Subgroup

  is-closed-under-eq-normal-core-Subgroup' :
    {x y : type-Group G}  is-in-normal-core-Subgroup y 
    x  y  is-in-normal-core-Subgroup x
  is-closed-under-eq-normal-core-Subgroup' =
    is-closed-under-eq-subtype' subset-normal-core-Subgroup

  contains-unit-normal-core-Subgroup :
    contains-unit-subset-Group G subset-normal-core-Subgroup
  pr1 (contains-unit-normal-core-Subgroup x) = unit-Subgroup G H
  pr2 (contains-unit-normal-core-Subgroup x) = conjugation-unit-Group G x

  is-closed-under-multiplication-normal-core-Subgroup :
    is-closed-under-multiplication-subset-Group G subset-normal-core-Subgroup
  pr1 (is-closed-under-multiplication-normal-core-Subgroup u v z) =
    mul-Subgroup G H (pr1 (u z)) (pr1 (v z))
  pr2 (is-closed-under-multiplication-normal-core-Subgroup u v z) =
    ( distributive-conjugation-mul-Group G z
      ( inclusion-Subgroup G H (pr1 (u z)))
      ( inclusion-Subgroup G H (pr1 (v z)))) 
    ( ap-mul-Group G (pr2 (u z)) (pr2 (v z)))

  is-closed-under-inverses-normal-core-Subgroup :
    is-closed-under-inverses-subset-Group G subset-normal-core-Subgroup
  pr1 (is-closed-under-inverses-normal-core-Subgroup u z) =
    inv-Subgroup G H (pr1 (u z))
  pr2 (is-closed-under-inverses-normal-core-Subgroup u z) =
    ( conjugation-inv-Group G z (inclusion-Subgroup G H (pr1 (u z)))) 
    ( ap (inv-Group G) (pr2 (u z)))

  subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup : Subgroup (l1  l2) G
  pr1 subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup =
  pr1 (pr2 subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup) =
  pr1 (pr2 (pr2 subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup)) =
  pr2 (pr2 (pr2 subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup)) =

  is-normal-normal-core-Subgroup :
    is-normal-Subgroup G subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup
  pr1 (is-normal-normal-core-Subgroup x (y , u) z) =
    pr1 (u (left-div-Group G x z))
  pr2 (is-normal-normal-core-Subgroup x (y , u) z) =
    transpose-eq-conjugation-Group' G
      ( ( inv (compute-conjugation-mul-Group G (inv-Group G x) z _)) 
        ( pr2 (u _)))

  normal-core-Subgroup : Normal-Subgroup (l1  l2) G
  pr1 normal-core-Subgroup = subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup
  pr2 normal-core-Subgroup = is-normal-normal-core-Subgroup

  is-contained-in-subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup :
    leq-Subgroup G subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup H
  is-contained-in-subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup x h =
    is-closed-under-eq-Subgroup G H
      ( is-in-subgroup-inclusion-Subgroup G H (pr1 (h (unit-Group G))))
      ( ( inv
          ( compute-conjugation-unit-Group G
            ( inclusion-Subgroup G H (pr1 (h (unit-Group G)))))) 
        ( pr2 (h (unit-Group G))))

  forward-implication-is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup :
    {l : Level} (N : Normal-Subgroup l G) 
    leq-Subgroup G (subgroup-Normal-Subgroup G N) H 
    leq-Normal-Subgroup G N normal-core-Subgroup
    ( pr1
      ( forward-implication-is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup N u x n y)) =
    conjugation-Group G (inv-Group G y) x
    ( pr1
      ( forward-implication-is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup N u x n y)) =
    u ( conjugation-Group G (inv-Group G y) x)
      ( (is-normal-Normal-Subgroup G N (inv-Group G y) x n))
  pr2 (forward-implication-is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup N u x n y) =
    is-section-conjugation-inv-Group G y x

  backward-implication-is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup :
    {l : Level} (N : Normal-Subgroup l G) 
    leq-Normal-Subgroup G N normal-core-Subgroup 
    leq-Subgroup G (subgroup-Normal-Subgroup G N) H
  backward-implication-is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup N =
    transitive-leq-Subgroup G
      ( subgroup-Normal-Subgroup G N)
      ( subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup)
      ( H)
      ( is-contained-in-subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup)

  is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup :
    is-normal-core-Subgroup G H normal-core-Subgroup
  pr1 (is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup N) =
    forward-implication-is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup N
  pr2 (is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup N) =
    backward-implication-is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup N

The normal core Galois connection

module _
  {l1 : Level} (G : Group l1)

  preserves-order-normal-core-Subgroup :
    {l2 l3 : Level} (H : Subgroup l2 G) (K : Subgroup l3 G) 
    leq-Subgroup G H K 
    leq-Normal-Subgroup G
      ( normal-core-Subgroup G H)
      ( normal-core-Subgroup G K)
  preserves-order-normal-core-Subgroup H K u =
    forward-implication-is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup G K
      ( normal-core-Subgroup G H)
      ( transitive-leq-Subgroup G
        ( subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup G H)
        ( H)
        ( K)
        ( u)
        ( is-contained-in-subgroup-normal-core-Subgroup G H))

  normal-core-subgroup-hom-Large-Poset :
      ( λ l2  l1  l2)
      ( Subgroup-Large-Poset G)
      ( Normal-Subgroup-Large-Poset G)
  normal-core-subgroup-hom-Large-Poset =
      ( normal-core-Subgroup G)
      ( preserves-order-normal-core-Subgroup)

  normal-core-subgroup-Galois-Connection :
      ( λ l  l)
      ( λ l2  l1  l2)
      ( Normal-Subgroup-Large-Poset G)
      ( Subgroup-Large-Poset G)
    normal-core-subgroup-Galois-Connection =
    subgroup-normal-subgroup-hom-Large-Poset G
    normal-core-subgroup-Galois-Connection =
    normal-core-subgroup-Galois-Connection N H =
    is-normal-core-normal-core-Subgroup G H N

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