Finite graphs

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Created on 2022-02-10.
Last modified on 2023-11-09.

module graph-theory.finite-graphs where
open import foundation.dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.equivalences
open import foundation.fibers-of-maps
open import foundation.function-types
open import foundation.homotopies
open import foundation.universe-levels
open import foundation.unordered-pairs

open import graph-theory.undirected-graphs

open import univalent-combinatorics.finite-types


A finite undirected graph consists of a finite set of vertices and a family of finite types of edges indexed by unordered pairs of vertices.

Note: In our definition of finite graph, we allow for the possibility that there are multiple edges between the same two nodes. In discrete mathematics it is also common to call such graphs multigraphs.


Finite undirected graphs

Undirected-Graph-𝔽 : (l1 l2 : Level)  UU (lsuc l1  lsuc l2)
Undirected-Graph-𝔽 l1 l2 = Σ (𝔽 l1)  X  unordered-pair (type-𝔽 X)  𝔽 l2)

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} (G : Undirected-Graph-𝔽 l1 l2)

  vertex-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 : UU l1
  vertex-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 = type-𝔽 (pr1 G)

  unordered-pair-vertices-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 : UU (lsuc lzero  l1)
  unordered-pair-vertices-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 =
    unordered-pair vertex-Undirected-Graph-𝔽

  is-finite-vertex-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 : is-finite vertex-Undirected-Graph-𝔽
  is-finite-vertex-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 = is-finite-type-𝔽 (pr1 G)

  edge-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 :
    (p : unordered-pair-vertices-Undirected-Graph-𝔽)  UU l2
  edge-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 p = type-𝔽 (pr2 G p)

  is-finite-edge-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 :
    (p : unordered-pair-vertices-Undirected-Graph-𝔽) 
    is-finite (edge-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 p)
  is-finite-edge-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 p = is-finite-type-𝔽 (pr2 G p)

  total-edge-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 : UU (lsuc lzero  l1  l2)
  total-edge-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 =
    Σ unordered-pair-vertices-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 edge-Undirected-Graph-𝔽

  undirected-graph-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 : Undirected-Graph l1 l2
  pr1 undirected-graph-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 = vertex-Undirected-Graph-𝔽
  pr2 undirected-graph-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 = edge-Undirected-Graph-𝔽

The following type is expected to be equivalent to Undirected-Graph-𝔽

Undirected-Graph-𝔽' : (l1 l2 : Level)  UU (lsuc l1  lsuc l2)
Undirected-Graph-𝔽' l1 l2 =
  Σ ( 𝔽 l1)
    ( λ V 
      Σ ( type-𝔽 V  type-𝔽 V  𝔽 l2)
        ( λ E 
          Σ ( (x y : type-𝔽 V)  type-𝔽 (E x y)  type-𝔽 (E y x))
            ( λ σ 
              (x y : type-𝔽 V)  map-equiv ((σ y x) ∘e (σ x y)) ~ id)))

The degree of a vertex x of a graph G is the set of occurences of x as an endpoint of x. Note that the unordered pair {x,x} adds two elements to the degree of x.

incident-edges-vertex-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 :
  {l1 l2 : Level} (G : Undirected-Graph-𝔽 l1 l2)
  (x : vertex-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 G)  UU (lsuc lzero  l1)
incident-edges-vertex-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 G x =
  Σ ( unordered-pair (vertex-Undirected-Graph-𝔽 G))
    ( λ p  fiber (element-unordered-pair p) x)

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