Higher groups

Content created by Fredrik Bakke, Egbert Rijke, Victor Blanchi and Jonathan Prieto-Cubides.

Created on 2023-04-10.
Last modified on 2023-09-15.

module higher-group-theory.higher-groups where
open import foundation.0-connected-types
open import foundation.dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.identity-types
open import foundation.mere-equality
open import foundation.propositions
open import foundation.universe-levels

open import structured-types.pointed-types

open import synthetic-homotopy-theory.loop-spaces


An ∞-group is just a pointed connected type. Its underlying type is its loop space, and the classifying type is the pointed connected type itself.


∞-Group : (l : Level)  UU (lsuc l)
∞-Group l = Σ (Pointed-Type l)  X  is-0-connected (type-Pointed-Type X))

module _
  {l : Level} (G : ∞-Group l)

  classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group : Pointed-Type l
  classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group = pr1 G

  classifying-type-∞-Group : UU l
  classifying-type-∞-Group =
    type-Pointed-Type classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group

  shape-∞-Group : classifying-type-∞-Group
  shape-∞-Group =
    point-Pointed-Type classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group

  is-0-connected-classifying-type-∞-Group :
    is-0-connected classifying-type-∞-Group
  is-0-connected-classifying-type-∞-Group = pr2 G

  mere-eq-classifying-type-∞-Group :
    (X Y : classifying-type-∞-Group)  mere-eq X Y
  mere-eq-classifying-type-∞-Group =

  elim-prop-classifying-type-∞-Group :
    {l2 : Level} (P : classifying-type-∞-Group  Prop l2) 
    type-Prop (P shape-∞-Group) 
    ((X : classifying-type-∞-Group)  type-Prop (P X))
  elim-prop-classifying-type-∞-Group =

  type-∞-Group : UU l
  type-∞-Group = type-Ω classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group

  unit-∞-Group : type-∞-Group
  unit-∞-Group = refl-Ω classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group

  mul-∞-Group : (x y : type-∞-Group)  type-∞-Group
  mul-∞-Group = mul-Ω classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group

  associative-mul-∞-Group :
    (x y z : type-∞-Group) 
      ( mul-∞-Group (mul-∞-Group x y) z)
      ( mul-∞-Group x (mul-∞-Group y z))
  associative-mul-∞-Group = associative-mul-Ω classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group

  left-unit-law-mul-∞-Group :
    (x : type-∞-Group)  Id (mul-∞-Group unit-∞-Group x) x
  left-unit-law-mul-∞-Group =
    left-unit-law-mul-Ω classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group

  right-unit-law-mul-∞-Group :
    (y : type-∞-Group)  Id (mul-∞-Group y unit-∞-Group) y
  right-unit-law-mul-∞-Group =
    right-unit-law-mul-Ω classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group

  coherence-unit-laws-mul-∞-Group :
      ( left-unit-law-mul-∞-Group unit-∞-Group)
      ( right-unit-law-mul-∞-Group unit-∞-Group)
  coherence-unit-laws-mul-∞-Group = refl

  inv-∞-Group : type-∞-Group  type-∞-Group
  inv-∞-Group = inv-Ω classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group

  left-inverse-law-mul-∞-Group :
    (x : type-∞-Group)  Id (mul-∞-Group (inv-∞-Group x) x) unit-∞-Group
  left-inverse-law-mul-∞-Group =
    left-inverse-law-mul-Ω classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group

  right-inverse-law-mul-∞-Group :
    (x : type-∞-Group)  Id (mul-∞-Group x (inv-∞-Group x)) unit-∞-Group
  right-inverse-law-mul-∞-Group =
    right-inverse-law-mul-Ω classifying-pointed-type-∞-Group

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