Transfinite cocomposition of maps

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Created on 2023-10-16.
Last modified on 2024-01-11.

module foundation.transfinite-cocomposition-of-maps where
open import foundation.inverse-sequential-diagrams
open import foundation.sequential-limits
open import foundation.universe-levels


Given an inverse sequential diagram of types, i.e. a certain infinite sequence of maps fₙ:

      ⋯        fₙ      ⋯      f₁      f₀
  ⋯ ---> Aₙ₊₁ ---> Aₙ ---> ⋯ ---> A₁ ---> A₀,

we can form the transfinite cocomposition of f by taking the canonical map from the standard sequential limit limₙ Aₙ into A₀.


The transfinite cocomposition of an inverse sequential diagram of maps

module _
  {l : Level} (f : inverse-sequential-diagram l)

  transfinite-cocomp :
    standard-sequential-limit f  family-inverse-sequential-diagram f 0
  transfinite-cocomp x = sequence-standard-sequential-limit f x 0

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