Truncation levels

Content created by Fredrik Bakke, Egbert Rijke and Jonathan Prieto-Cubides.

Created on 2022-01-26.
Last modified on 2023-09-10.

module foundation.truncation-levels where

open import foundation-core.truncation-levels public
open import elementary-number-theory.natural-numbers

open import foundation.action-on-identifications-functions

open import foundation-core.function-types
open import foundation-core.identity-types


Inclusions of the natural numbers into the truncation levels

truncation-level-minus-two-ℕ :   𝕋
truncation-level-minus-two-ℕ zero-ℕ = neg-two-𝕋
truncation-level-minus-two-ℕ (succ-ℕ n) =
  succ-𝕋 (truncation-level-minus-two-ℕ n)

truncation-level-minus-one-ℕ :   𝕋
truncation-level-minus-one-ℕ = succ-𝕋  truncation-level-minus-two-ℕ

truncation-level-ℕ :   𝕋
truncation-level-ℕ = succ-𝕋  truncation-level-minus-one-ℕ

Addition of truncation levels

add-𝕋 : 𝕋  𝕋  𝕋
add-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋 = neg-two-𝕋
add-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋) = neg-two-𝕋
add-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 l)) = l
add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋) neg-two-𝕋 = neg-two-𝕋
add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋) (succ-𝕋 l) = l
add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 k)) neg-two-𝕋 = k
add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 k)) (succ-𝕋 l) = succ-𝕋 (add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 k) (succ-𝕋 l))

infixl 35 _+𝕋_
_+𝕋_ = add-𝕋


Unit laws for addition of truncation levels

left-unit-law-add-𝕋 : (k : 𝕋)  zero-𝕋 +𝕋 k  k
left-unit-law-add-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋 = refl
left-unit-law-add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋) = refl
left-unit-law-add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋)) = refl
left-unit-law-add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 k))) = refl

right-unit-law-add-𝕋 : (k : 𝕋)  k +𝕋 zero-𝕋  k
right-unit-law-add-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋 = refl
right-unit-law-add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋) = refl
right-unit-law-add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 k)) =
  ap succ-𝕋 (right-unit-law-add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 k))

Successor laws for addition of truncation levels

left-successor-law-add-𝕋 :
  (n k : 𝕋) 
  (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 n))) +𝕋 k 
  succ-𝕋 (add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 n)) k)
left-successor-law-add-𝕋 n neg-two-𝕋 = refl
left-successor-law-add-𝕋 n (succ-𝕋 k) = refl

right-successor-law-add-𝕋 :
  (k n : 𝕋) 
  k +𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 n))) 
  succ-𝕋 (k +𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 n)))
right-successor-law-add-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋 n = refl
right-successor-law-add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 neg-two-𝕋) n = refl
right-successor-law-add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 k)) n =
  ap succ-𝕋 (right-successor-law-add-𝕋 (succ-𝕋 k) n)

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