Functors between large precategories

Content created by Fredrik Bakke, Egbert Rijke, Jonathan Prieto-Cubides and Elisabeth Bonnevier.

Created on 2022-03-11.
Last modified on 2023-09-26.

module category-theory.functors-large-precategories where
open import category-theory.large-precategories

open import foundation.action-on-identifications-functions
open import foundation.function-types
open import foundation.identity-types
open import foundation.universe-levels


A functor from a large precategory C to a large precategory D consists of:

  • a map F : C → D on objects,
  • a map Fmap : hom x y → hom (F x) (F y) on morphisms, such that the following identities hold:
  • Fmap id_x = id_(F x),
  • Fmap (g ∘ f) = F g ∘ F f.


module _
  {αC αD : Level  Level} {βC βD : Level  Level  Level}
  (C : Large-Precategory αC βC) (D : Large-Precategory αD βD)

  record functor-Large-Precategory (γ : Level  Level) : UUω
    constructor make-functor
      obj-functor-Large-Precategory :
        { l1 : Level} 
        obj-Large-Precategory C l1  obj-Large-Precategory D (γ l1)
      hom-functor-Large-Precategory :
        { l1 l2 : Level}
        { X : obj-Large-Precategory C l1}
        { Y : obj-Large-Precategory C l2} 
        hom-Large-Precategory C X Y 
        hom-Large-Precategory D
          ( obj-functor-Large-Precategory X)
          ( obj-functor-Large-Precategory Y)
      preserves-comp-functor-Large-Precategory :
        { l1 l2 l3 : Level}
        { X : obj-Large-Precategory C l1}
        { Y : obj-Large-Precategory C l2}
        { Z : obj-Large-Precategory C l3}
        ( g : hom-Large-Precategory C Y Z)
        ( f : hom-Large-Precategory C X Y) 
        ( hom-functor-Large-Precategory
          ( comp-hom-Large-Precategory C g f)) 
        ( comp-hom-Large-Precategory D
          ( hom-functor-Large-Precategory g)
          ( hom-functor-Large-Precategory f))
      preserves-id-functor-Large-Precategory :
        { l1 : Level} {X : obj-Large-Precategory C l1} 
        ( hom-functor-Large-Precategory
          ( id-hom-Large-Precategory C {X = X})) 
        ( id-hom-Large-Precategory D {X = obj-functor-Large-Precategory X})

  open functor-Large-Precategory public


The identity functor

There is an identity functor on any large precategory.

id-functor-Large-Precategory :
  {αC : Level  Level} {βC : Level  Level  Level} 
  {C : Large-Precategory αC βC} 
  functor-Large-Precategory C C  l  l)
obj-functor-Large-Precategory id-functor-Large-Precategory = id
hom-functor-Large-Precategory id-functor-Large-Precategory = id
preserves-comp-functor-Large-Precategory id-functor-Large-Precategory g f = refl
preserves-id-functor-Large-Precategory id-functor-Large-Precategory = refl

Composition of functors

Any two compatible functors can be composed to a new functor.

comp-functor-Large-Precategory :
  {αC αD αE γG γF : Level  Level}
  {βC βD βE : Level  Level  Level} 
  {C : Large-Precategory αC βC}
  {D : Large-Precategory αD βD}
  {E : Large-Precategory αE βE} 
  functor-Large-Precategory D E γG  functor-Large-Precategory C D γF 
  functor-Large-Precategory C E  l  γG (γF l))
obj-functor-Large-Precategory (comp-functor-Large-Precategory G F) =
  obj-functor-Large-Precategory G  obj-functor-Large-Precategory F
hom-functor-Large-Precategory (comp-functor-Large-Precategory G F) =
  hom-functor-Large-Precategory G  hom-functor-Large-Precategory F
  ( comp-functor-Large-Precategory G F) g f =
  ( ap
    ( hom-functor-Large-Precategory G)
    ( preserves-comp-functor-Large-Precategory F g f)) 
  ( preserves-comp-functor-Large-Precategory G
    ( hom-functor-Large-Precategory F g)
    ( hom-functor-Large-Precategory F f))
preserves-id-functor-Large-Precategory (comp-functor-Large-Precategory G F) =
  ( ap
    ( hom-functor-Large-Precategory G)
    ( preserves-id-functor-Large-Precategory F)) 
  ( preserves-id-functor-Large-Precategory G)

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