The multiplicative group of rational numbers

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{-# OPTIONS --lossy-unification #-}

module elementary-number-theory.multiplicative-group-of-rational-numbers where
open import elementary-number-theory.multiplicative-monoid-of-rational-numbers
open import elementary-number-theory.nonzero-rational-numbers
open import elementary-number-theory.positive-rational-numbers
open import elementary-number-theory.rational-numbers
open import elementary-number-theory.ring-of-rational-numbers

open import foundation.coproduct-types
open import foundation.dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.function-types
open import foundation.identity-types
open import foundation.subtypes
open import foundation.universe-levels

open import group-theory.abelian-groups
open import group-theory.cores-monoids
open import group-theory.groups
open import group-theory.submonoids-commutative-monoids

open import ring-theory.groups-of-units-rings
open import ring-theory.invertible-elements-rings
open import ring-theory.trivial-rings


The multiplicative group of rational numbers is the group of units of the ring of rational numbers, in other words, it is the core of the multiplicative monoid of rational numbers.


The multiplicative group of rational numbers

group-of-units-ℚ : Group lzero
group-of-units-ℚ = group-of-units-Ring ring-ℚ

group-mul-ℚˣ : Group lzero
group-mul-ℚˣ = group-of-units-Ring ring-ℚ

The type of invertible rational numbers

ℚˣ : UU lzero
ℚˣ = type-group-of-units-Ring ring-ℚ

one-ℚˣ : ℚˣ
one-ℚˣ = unit-group-of-units-Ring ring-ℚ

Operations of the multiplicative group of rational numbers

mul-ℚˣ : ℚˣ  ℚˣ  ℚˣ
mul-ℚˣ = mul-group-of-units-Ring ring-ℚ

infixl 40 _*ℚˣ_
_*ℚˣ_ = mul-ℚˣ

inv-ℚˣ : ℚˣ  ℚˣ
inv-ℚˣ = inv-group-of-units-Ring ring-ℚ

Inverse laws in the multiplicative group of rational numbers

left-inverse-law-mul-ℚˣ : (x : ℚˣ)  (inv-ℚˣ x) *ℚˣ x  one-ℚˣ
left-inverse-law-mul-ℚˣ = left-inverse-law-mul-group-of-units-Ring ring-ℚ

right-inverse-law-mul-ℚˣ : (x : ℚˣ)  x *ℚˣ (inv-ℚˣ x)  one-ℚˣ
right-inverse-law-mul-ℚˣ = right-inverse-law-mul-group-of-units-Ring ring-ℚ

Associativity law in the multiplicative group of rational numbers

associative-mul-ℚˣ : (x y z : ℚˣ)  ((x *ℚˣ y) *ℚˣ z)  (x *ℚˣ (y *ℚˣ z))
associative-mul-ℚˣ = associative-mul-Group group-mul-ℚˣ


The multiplicative group of rational numbers is commutative

commutative-mul-ℚˣ : (x y : ℚˣ)  (x *ℚˣ y)  (y *ℚˣ x)
commutative-mul-ℚˣ =
    ( commutative-monoid-mul-ℚ)
    ( submonoid-core-Monoid monoid-mul-ℚ)

abelian-group-mul-ℚˣ : Ab lzero
pr1 abelian-group-mul-ℚˣ = group-mul-ℚˣ
pr2 abelian-group-mul-ℚˣ = commutative-mul-ℚˣ

The elements of the multiplicative group of the rational numbers are the nonzero rational numbers

module _
  (x : )

  is-nonzero-is-invertible-element-ring-ℚ :
    is-invertible-element-Ring ring-ℚ x  is-nonzero-ℚ x
  is-nonzero-is-invertible-element-ring-ℚ H K =
      ( ring-ℚ)
      ( is-nonzero-one-ℚ  inv)
      ( x)
      ( H)
      ( inv K)

  is-invertible-element-ring-is-nonzero-ℚ :
    is-nonzero-ℚ x  is-invertible-element-Ring ring-ℚ x
  is-invertible-element-ring-is-nonzero-ℚ H =
      ( ( is-invertible-element-neg-Ring' ring-ℚ x) 
        ( is-mul-invertible-is-positive-ℚ (neg-ℚ x)))
      ( is-mul-invertible-is-positive-ℚ x)
      ( decide-is-negative-is-positive-is-nonzero-ℚ H)

eq-is-invertible-element-prop-is-nonzero-prop-ℚ :
  is-nonzero-prop-ℚ  is-invertible-element-prop-Ring ring-ℚ
eq-is-invertible-element-prop-is-nonzero-prop-ℚ =
    ( is-nonzero-prop-ℚ)
    ( is-invertible-element-prop-Ring ring-ℚ)
    ( is-invertible-element-ring-is-nonzero-ℚ)
    ( is-nonzero-is-invertible-element-ring-ℚ)

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