Precategories with families

Content created by Daniel Gratzer, Egbert Rijke and Elisabeth Stenholm.

Created on 2023-11-27.
Last modified on 2023-11-27.

module type-theories.precategories-with-families where
open import category-theory.functors-precategories
open import category-theory.natural-transformations-functors-precategories
open import category-theory.opposite-precategories
open import category-theory.precategories
open import category-theory.precategory-of-elements-of-a-presheaf
open import category-theory.presheaf-categories
open import category-theory.pullbacks-in-precategories

open import foundation.cartesian-product-types
open import foundation.category-of-sets
open import foundation.dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.equivalences
open import foundation.function-extensionality
open import foundation.identity-types
open import foundation.sections
open import foundation.sets
open import foundation.subtypes
open import foundation.transport-along-identifications
open import foundation.universe-levels


A precategory with families consists of:

  • a precategory C, which we think of as a category of contexts and context morphisms
  • a presheaf Ty on C, which we think of as giving the types in each context
  • a presheaf Tm on ∫ Ty, which we think of as giving the terms of each type in each context
  • a functor ext from ∫ Ty to C, which we think of as context extension such that
  • for every pair of contexts Γ and Δ, and types A in context Γ, there is an equivalence between the type of context morphisms from Δ to Γ extended by A, and the type of context morphisms from Δ to Γ together with terms of A.


Precategories with families

    (l1 l2 l3 l4 : Level) :
    UU (lsuc l1  lsuc l2  lsuc l3  lsuc l4)

    ctx-category : Precategory l1 l2

  Ctx : UU l1
  Ctx = obj-Precategory ctx-category

  Sub : Ctx  Ctx  UU l2
  Sub = hom-Precategory ctx-category

    ty-presheaf : presheaf-Precategory ctx-category l3

  ∫Ty : Precategory (l1  l3) (l2  l3)
  ∫Ty = precategory-of-elements-presheaf-Precategory ctx-category ty-presheaf

  obj-∫Ty : UU (l1  l3)
  obj-∫Ty = obj-Precategory ∫Ty

  hom-∫Ty : obj-∫Ty  obj-∫Ty  UU (l2  l3)
  hom-∫Ty = hom-Precategory ∫Ty

  proj-∫Ty : functor-Precategory ∫Ty ctx-category
  proj-∫Ty =
      ( ctx-category)
      ( ty-presheaf)

  Ty : Ctx  UU l3
  Ty = element-presheaf-Precategory ctx-category ty-presheaf

  _·_ : {Δ Γ : Ctx} (A : Ty Γ) (γ : Sub Δ Γ)  Ty Δ
  A · γ = action-presheaf-Precategory ctx-category ty-presheaf γ A

  preserves-comp-Ty :
    {Δ Δ' Γ : Ctx} (A : Ty Γ) (γ : Sub Δ' Γ) (δ : Sub Δ Δ') 
    A · comp-hom-Precategory ctx-category γ δ  (A · γ) · δ
  preserves-comp-Ty A γ δ =
    preserves-comp-action-presheaf-Precategory ctx-category ty-presheaf γ δ A

  preserves-id-Ty :
    {Γ : Ctx} (A : Ty Γ)  A · id-hom-Precategory ctx-category  A
  preserves-id-Ty {Γ} =
    preserves-id-action-presheaf-Precategory ctx-category ty-presheaf

    tm-presheaf : presheaf-Precategory ∫Ty l4

  Tm : (Γ : Ctx) (A : Ty Γ)  UU l4
  Tm Γ A = element-presheaf-Precategory ∫Ty tm-presheaf (Γ , A)

  _[_] :
    {Δ Γ : Ctx} {A : Ty Γ} (M : Tm Γ A) (γ : Sub Δ Γ)  Tm Δ (A · γ)
  _[_] {Δ} {Γ} {A} M γ =
    action-presheaf-Precategory ∫Ty tm-presheaf (γ , refl) M

    ext-functor : functor-Precategory ∫Ty ctx-category

  ext : (Γ : Ctx) (A : Ty Γ)  Ctx
  ext Γ A = obj-functor-Precategory ∫Ty ctx-category ext-functor (Γ , A)

    ext-iso :
      (Δ Γ : Ctx) (A : Ty Γ) 
      Sub Δ (ext Γ A)  Σ (Sub Δ Γ)  γ  Tm Δ (A · γ))

  ext-sub :
    {Δ Γ : Ctx} (A : Ty Γ) (γ : Sub Δ Γ)  Tm Δ (A · γ)  Sub Δ (ext Γ A)
  ext-sub {Δ} {Γ} A γ M = map-inv-equiv (ext-iso Δ Γ A) (γ , M)

  wk : {Γ : Ctx} (A : Ty Γ)  Sub (ext Γ A) Γ
  wk {Γ} A =
    pr1 (map-equiv (ext-iso (ext Γ A) Γ A) (id-hom-Precategory ctx-category))

  q : {Γ : Ctx} (A : Ty Γ)  Tm (ext Γ A) (A · wk A)
  q {Γ} A =
    pr2 (map-equiv (ext-iso (ext Γ A) Γ A) (id-hom-Precategory ctx-category))

  ⟨_,_⟩ :
    {Δ Γ : Ctx} (γ : Sub Δ Γ) (A : Ty Γ)  Sub (ext Δ (A · γ)) (ext Γ A)
  ⟨_,_⟩ {Δ} {Γ} γ A =
      ( A)
      ( comp-hom-Precategory ctx-category γ (wk (A · γ)))
      ( tr
        ( Tm (ext Δ (A · γ)))
        ( inv (preserves-comp-Ty A γ (wk (A · γ))))
        ( q (A · γ)))

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