Strictly ordered pairs of natural numbers

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Created on 2023-04-08.
Last modified on 2023-10-09.

module elementary-number-theory.strictly-ordered-pairs-of-natural-numbers where
open import elementary-number-theory.natural-numbers
open import elementary-number-theory.strict-inequality-natural-numbers

open import foundation.action-on-identifications-functions
open import foundation.dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.empty-types
open import foundation.function-types
open import foundation.functoriality-dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.identity-types
open import foundation.negated-equality
open import foundation.pairs-of-distinct-elements
open import foundation.unit-type
open import foundation.universe-levels


A strictly ordered pair of natural numbers consists of x y : ℕ such that x < y.


strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ : UU lzero
strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ = Σ   x  Σ   y  le-ℕ x y))

module _
  (p : strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ)

  first-strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ : 
  first-strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ = pr1 p

  second-strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ : 
  second-strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ = pr1 (pr2 p)

  strict-inequality-strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ :
    le-ℕ first-strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ second-strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ
  strict-inequality-strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ = pr2 (pr2 p)


Strictly ordered pairs of natural numbers are pairs of distinct elements

pair-of-distinct-elements-strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ :
  strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ  pair-of-distinct-elements 
pair-of-distinct-elements-strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ (a , b , H) =
  (a , b , neq-le-ℕ H)

Any pair of distinct elements of natural numbers can be strictly ordered

strictly-ordered-pair-pair-of-distinct-elements-ℕ' :
  (a b : )  a  b  strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ
strictly-ordered-pair-pair-of-distinct-elements-ℕ' zero-ℕ zero-ℕ H =
  ex-falso (H refl)
strictly-ordered-pair-pair-of-distinct-elements-ℕ' zero-ℕ (succ-ℕ b) H =
  (0 , succ-ℕ b , star)
strictly-ordered-pair-pair-of-distinct-elements-ℕ' (succ-ℕ a) zero-ℕ H =
  (0 , succ-ℕ a , star)
strictly-ordered-pair-pair-of-distinct-elements-ℕ' (succ-ℕ a) (succ-ℕ b) H =
    ( λ x  Σ   y  le-ℕ x y))
    ( succ-ℕ)
    ( λ x 
      map-Σ (le-ℕ (succ-ℕ x)) succ-ℕ  y  id))
    ( strictly-ordered-pair-pair-of-distinct-elements-ℕ' a b
      ( λ p  H (ap succ-ℕ p)))

strictly-ordered-pair-pair-of-distinct-elements-ℕ :
  pair-of-distinct-elements   strictly-ordered-pair-ℕ
strictly-ordered-pair-pair-of-distinct-elements-ℕ (a , b , H) =
  strictly-ordered-pair-pair-of-distinct-elements-ℕ' a b H

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