Finite preorders

Content created by Egbert Rijke, Fredrik Bakke, Jonathan Prieto-Cubides, Julian KG, fernabnor and louismntnu.

Created on 2022-01-05.
Last modified on 2024-02-06.

module order-theory.finite-preorders where
open import elementary-number-theory.natural-numbers

open import foundation.binary-relations
open import foundation.cartesian-product-types
open import foundation.decidable-equality
open import foundation.decidable-propositions
open import foundation.decidable-types
open import foundation.dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.identity-types
open import foundation.mere-equivalences
open import foundation.propositions
open import foundation.sets
open import foundation.universe-levels

open import order-theory.decidable-preorders
open import order-theory.decidable-subpreorders
open import order-theory.preorders

open import univalent-combinatorics.decidable-subtypes
open import univalent-combinatorics.equality-finite-types
open import univalent-combinatorics.finite-types
open import univalent-combinatorics.standard-finite-types


We say that a preorder P is finite if P has finitely many elements and the ordering relation on P is decidable.

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} (P : Preorder l1 l2)

  is-finite-Preorder-Prop : Prop (l1  l2)
  is-finite-Preorder-Prop =
      ( is-finite-Prop (type-Preorder P))
      ( is-decidable-leq-Preorder-Prop P)

  is-finite-Preorder : UU (l1  l2)
  is-finite-Preorder = type-Prop is-finite-Preorder-Prop

  is-prop-is-finite-Preorder : is-prop is-finite-Preorder
  is-prop-is-finite-Preorder = is-prop-type-Prop is-finite-Preorder-Prop

  is-finite-type-is-finite-Preorder :
    is-finite-Preorder  is-finite (type-Preorder P)
  is-finite-type-is-finite-Preorder = pr1

  is-decidable-leq-is-finite-Preorder :
    (x y : type-Preorder P)  is-decidable (leq-Preorder P x y)
  is-decidable-leq-is-finite-Preorder H = pr2 H

Preorder-𝔽 : (l1 l2 : Level)  UU (lsuc l1  lsuc l2)
Preorder-𝔽 l1 l2 =
  Σ ( 𝔽 l1)
    ( λ P 
      Σ ( (x y : type-𝔽 P)  Decidable-Prop l2)
        ( λ R 
          ( (x : type-𝔽 P)  type-Decidable-Prop (R x x)) ×
          ( (x y z : type-𝔽 P) 
            type-Decidable-Prop (R y z)  type-Decidable-Prop (R x y) 
            type-Decidable-Prop (R x z))))

finite-preorder-is-finite-Preorder :
  {l1 l2 : Level} (P : Preorder l1 l2)  is-finite-Preorder P 
  Preorder-𝔽 l1 l2
pr1 (pr1 (finite-preorder-is-finite-Preorder P H)) = type-Preorder P
pr2 (pr1 (finite-preorder-is-finite-Preorder P H)) = pr1 H
pr1 (pr1 (pr2 (finite-preorder-is-finite-Preorder P H)) x y) =
  leq-Preorder P x y
pr1 (pr2 (pr1 (pr2 (finite-preorder-is-finite-Preorder P H)) x y)) =
  is-prop-leq-Preorder P x y
pr2 (pr2 (pr1 (pr2 (finite-preorder-is-finite-Preorder P H)) x y)) =
  pr2 H x y
pr1 (pr2 (pr2 (finite-preorder-is-finite-Preorder P H))) =
  refl-leq-Preorder P
pr2 (pr2 (pr2 (finite-preorder-is-finite-Preorder P H))) =
  transitive-leq-Preorder P

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} (P : Preorder-𝔽 l1 l2)

  finite-type-Preorder-𝔽 : 𝔽 l1
  finite-type-Preorder-𝔽 = pr1 P

  type-Preorder-𝔽 : UU l1
  type-Preorder-𝔽 = type-𝔽 finite-type-Preorder-𝔽

  is-finite-type-Preorder-𝔽 : is-finite type-Preorder-𝔽
  is-finite-type-Preorder-𝔽 =
    is-finite-type-𝔽 finite-type-Preorder-𝔽

  number-of-types-Preorder-𝔽 : 
  number-of-types-Preorder-𝔽 =
    number-of-elements-is-finite is-finite-type-Preorder-𝔽

  mere-equiv-type-Preorder-𝔽 :
    mere-equiv (Fin number-of-types-Preorder-𝔽) type-Preorder-𝔽
  mere-equiv-type-Preorder-𝔽 =
    mere-equiv-is-finite is-finite-type-Preorder-𝔽

  is-set-type-Preorder-𝔽 : is-set type-Preorder-𝔽
  is-set-type-Preorder-𝔽 =
    is-set-is-finite is-finite-type-Preorder-𝔽

  has-decidable-equality-type-Preorder-𝔽 :
    has-decidable-equality type-Preorder-𝔽
  has-decidable-equality-type-Preorder-𝔽 =
    has-decidable-equality-is-finite is-finite-type-Preorder-𝔽

  leq-finite-preorder-Decidable-Prop :
    (x y : type-Preorder-𝔽)  Decidable-Prop l2
  leq-finite-preorder-Decidable-Prop = pr1 (pr2 P)

  leq-Preorder-𝔽 : (x y : type-Preorder-𝔽)  UU l2
  leq-Preorder-𝔽 x y =
    type-Decidable-Prop (leq-finite-preorder-Decidable-Prop x y)

  is-decidable-prop-leq-Preorder-𝔽 :
    (x y : type-Preorder-𝔽) 
    is-decidable-prop (leq-Preorder-𝔽 x y)
  is-decidable-prop-leq-Preorder-𝔽 x y =
      ( leq-finite-preorder-Decidable-Prop x y)

  is-decidable-leq-Preorder-𝔽 :
    (x y : type-Preorder-𝔽)  is-decidable (leq-Preorder-𝔽 x y)
  is-decidable-leq-Preorder-𝔽 x y =
    is-decidable-Decidable-Prop (leq-finite-preorder-Decidable-Prop x y)

  is-prop-leq-Preorder-𝔽 :
    (x y : type-Preorder-𝔽)  is-prop (leq-Preorder-𝔽 x y)
  is-prop-leq-Preorder-𝔽 x y =
    is-prop-type-Decidable-Prop (leq-finite-preorder-Decidable-Prop x y)

  leq-Preorder-𝔽-Prop :
    (x y : type-Preorder-𝔽)  Prop l2
  pr1 (leq-Preorder-𝔽-Prop x y) = leq-Preorder-𝔽 x y
  pr2 (leq-Preorder-𝔽-Prop x y) = is-prop-leq-Preorder-𝔽 x y

  refl-leq-Preorder-𝔽 :
    (x : type-Preorder-𝔽)  leq-Preorder-𝔽 x x
  refl-leq-Preorder-𝔽 = pr1 (pr2 (pr2 P))

  transitive-leq-Preorder-𝔽 : is-transitive leq-Preorder-𝔽
  transitive-leq-Preorder-𝔽 = pr2 (pr2 (pr2 P))

  preorder-Preorder-𝔽 : Preorder l1 l2
  pr1 preorder-Preorder-𝔽 = type-Preorder-𝔽
  pr1 (pr2 preorder-Preorder-𝔽) = leq-Preorder-𝔽-Prop
  pr1 (pr2 (pr2 preorder-Preorder-𝔽)) = refl-leq-Preorder-𝔽
  pr2 (pr2 (pr2 preorder-Preorder-𝔽)) = transitive-leq-Preorder-𝔽

  is-finite-preorder-Preorder-𝔽 :
    is-finite-Preorder preorder-Preorder-𝔽
  pr1 is-finite-preorder-Preorder-𝔽 = is-finite-type-Preorder-𝔽
  pr2 is-finite-preorder-Preorder-𝔽 = is-decidable-leq-Preorder-𝔽

Decidable sub-preorders of finite preorders

module _
  {l1 l2 l3 : Level} (P : Preorder-𝔽 l1 l2)
  (S : type-Preorder-𝔽 P  Decidable-Prop l3)

  type-finite-Subpreorder : UU (l1  l3)
  type-finite-Subpreorder =
    type-Decidable-Subpreorder (preorder-Preorder-𝔽 P) S

  is-finite-type-finite-Subpreorder : is-finite type-finite-Subpreorder
  is-finite-type-finite-Subpreorder =
    is-finite-type-decidable-subtype S (is-finite-type-Preorder-𝔽 P)

  eq-type-finite-Subpreorder :
    (x y : type-finite-Subpreorder)  Id (pr1 x) (pr1 y)  Id x y
  eq-type-finite-Subpreorder =
    eq-type-Decidable-Subpreorder (preorder-Preorder-𝔽 P) S

  leq-finite-Subpreorder-Decidable-Prop :
    (x y : type-finite-Subpreorder)  Decidable-Prop l2
  leq-finite-Subpreorder-Decidable-Prop x y =
    leq-finite-preorder-Decidable-Prop P (pr1 x) (pr1 y)

  leq-finite-Subpreorder-Prop :
    (x y : type-finite-Subpreorder)  Prop l2
  leq-finite-Subpreorder-Prop =
    leq-Decidable-Subpreorder-Prop (preorder-Preorder-𝔽 P) S

  leq-finite-Subpreorder : (x y : type-finite-Subpreorder)  UU l2
  leq-finite-Subpreorder =
    leq-Decidable-Subpreorder (preorder-Preorder-𝔽 P) S

  is-prop-leq-finite-Subpreorder :
    (x y : type-finite-Subpreorder) 
    is-prop (leq-finite-Subpreorder x y)
  is-prop-leq-finite-Subpreorder =
    is-prop-leq-Decidable-Subpreorder (preorder-Preorder-𝔽 P) S

  refl-leq-finite-Subpreorder :
    (x : type-finite-Subpreorder)  leq-finite-Subpreorder x x
  refl-leq-finite-Subpreorder =
    refl-leq-Decidable-Subpreorder (preorder-Preorder-𝔽 P) S

  transitive-leq-finite-Subpreorder : is-transitive leq-finite-Subpreorder
  transitive-leq-finite-Subpreorder =
    transitive-leq-Decidable-Subpreorder (preorder-Preorder-𝔽 P) S

module _
  {l1 l2 l3 : Level} (P : Preorder-𝔽 l1 l2)
  (S : type-Preorder-𝔽 P  Decidable-Prop l3)

  type-finite-Subpreorder-𝔽 : 𝔽 (l1  l3)
  pr1 type-finite-Subpreorder-𝔽 = type-finite-Subpreorder P S
  pr2 type-finite-Subpreorder-𝔽 = is-finite-type-finite-Subpreorder P S

  finite-Subpreorder : Preorder-𝔽 (l1  l3) l2
  pr1 finite-Subpreorder = type-finite-Subpreorder-𝔽
  pr1 (pr2 finite-Subpreorder) = leq-finite-Subpreorder-Decidable-Prop P S
  pr1 (pr2 (pr2 finite-Subpreorder)) = refl-leq-finite-Subpreorder P S
  pr2 (pr2 (pr2 finite-Subpreorder)) = transitive-leq-finite-Subpreorder P S

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