Statement of inclusion

Created on 2023-03-03.
Last modified on 2024-06-20.

There are many reasons to contribute something to a library of formalized mathematics. Some do it just for fun, some do it for their research, some do it to learn something. Whatever your reason is, we welcome your contributions! To keep the experience of contributing something to our library enjoyable for everyone, we strive for an inclusive community of contributors. You can expect from us that we are kind and respectful in discussions, that we will be mindful of your pronouns and use inclusive language, and that we value your input regardless of your level of experience or status in the community. We're committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment to people of any gender identity, sexual orientation, race, colour, age, ability, ethnicity, background, or fluency in English -- here on GitHub, in online communication channels, and in person. Homotopy type theory is difficult enough without all the barriers that many of us have to face, so we hope to bring some of those down a bit.

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