Homomorphisms of large locales

Content created by Egbert Rijke, Fredrik Bakke and Maša Žaucer.

Created on 2023-05-12.
Last modified on 2023-11-24.

module order-theory.homomorphisms-large-locales where
open import foundation.identity-types
open import foundation.universe-levels

open import order-theory.homomorphisms-large-frames
open import order-theory.large-locales


A homomorphism of large locales from K to L is a frame homomorphism from L to K.


module _
  {αK αL : Level  Level} {βK βL : Level  Level  Level} {γ : Level}
  (K : Large-Locale αK βK γ) (L : Large-Locale αL βL γ)

  hom-Large-Locale : UUω
  hom-Large-Locale = hom-Large-Frame L K

  module _
    (f : hom-Large-Locale)

    map-hom-Large-Locale :
      {l1 : Level}  type-Large-Locale L l1  type-Large-Locale K l1
    map-hom-Large-Locale = map-hom-Large-Frame L K f

    preserves-order-hom-Large-Locale :
      {l1 l2 : Level}
      (x : type-Large-Locale L l1) (y : type-Large-Locale L l2) 
      leq-Large-Locale L x y 
      leq-Large-Locale K (map-hom-Large-Locale x) (map-hom-Large-Locale y)
    preserves-order-hom-Large-Locale = preserves-order-hom-Large-Frame L K f

    preserves-meets-hom-Large-Locale :
      {l1 l2 : Level}
      (x : type-Large-Locale L l1) (y : type-Large-Locale L l2) 
      map-hom-Large-Locale (meet-Large-Locale L x y) 
      meet-Large-Locale K (map-hom-Large-Locale x) (map-hom-Large-Locale y)
    preserves-meets-hom-Large-Locale = preserves-meets-hom-Large-Frame L K f

    preserves-top-hom-Large-Locale :
      map-hom-Large-Locale (top-Large-Locale L)  top-Large-Locale K
    preserves-top-hom-Large-Locale = preserves-top-hom-Large-Frame L K f

    preserves-sup-hom-Large-Locale :
      {l1 l2 : Level} {I : UU l1} (x : I  type-Large-Locale L l2) 
      map-hom-Large-Locale (sup-Large-Locale L x) 
      sup-Large-Locale K  i  map-hom-Large-Locale (x i))
    preserves-sup-hom-Large-Locale = preserves-sup-hom-Large-Frame f

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