Local types

Content created by Fredrik Bakke, Egbert Rijke and Jonathan Prieto-Cubides.

Created on 2023-02-06.
Last modified on 2023-09-14.

module orthogonal-factorization-systems.local-types where
open import foundation.action-on-identifications-functions
open import foundation.contractible-maps
open import foundation.contractible-types
open import foundation.dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.empty-types
open import foundation.equivalences
open import foundation.function-extensionality
open import foundation.function-types
open import foundation.functoriality-dependent-function-types
open import foundation.functoriality-function-types
open import foundation.identity-types
open import foundation.propositions
open import foundation.retractions
open import foundation.sections
open import foundation.type-arithmetic-dependent-function-types
open import foundation.type-arithmetic-unit-type
open import foundation.unit-type
open import foundation.universal-property-empty-type
open import foundation.universe-levels


A dependent type A over X is said to be local at f : Y → X, or f-local, if the precomposition map

  _∘ f : ((x : X) → A x) → ((y : Y) → A (f y))

is an equivalence.

We reserve the name is-local for when A does not vary over X, and specify with is-local-dependent-type when it does.


module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} {Y : UU l1} {X : UU l2} (f : Y  X)

  is-local-dependent-type : {l : Level}  (X  UU l)  UU (l1  l2  l)
  is-local-dependent-type A = is-equiv (precomp-Π f A)

  is-local : {l : Level}  UU l  UU (l1  l2  l)
  is-local A = is-local-dependent-type  _  A)


Being local is a property

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} {Y : UU l1} {X : UU l2} (f : Y  X)

  is-property-is-local-dependent-type :
    {l : Level} (A : X  UU l)  is-prop (is-local-dependent-type f A)
  is-property-is-local-dependent-type A = is-property-is-equiv (precomp-Π f A)

  is-local-dependent-type-Prop :
    {l : Level}  (X  UU l)  Prop (l1  l2  l)
  pr1 (is-local-dependent-type-Prop A) = is-local-dependent-type f A
  pr2 (is-local-dependent-type-Prop A) = is-property-is-local-dependent-type A

  is-property-is-local :
    {l : Level} (A : UU l)  is-prop (is-local f A)
  is-property-is-local A = is-property-is-local-dependent-type  _  A)

  is-local-Prop :
    {l : Level}  UU l  Prop (l1  l2  l)
  is-local-Prop A = is-local-dependent-type-Prop  _  A)

Being local distributes over Π-types

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} {Y : UU l1} {X : UU l2} (f : Y  X)

  map-distributive-Π-is-local-dependent-type :
    {l3 l4 : Level} {A : UU l3} (B : A  X  UU l4) 
    ((a : A)  is-local-dependent-type f (B a)) 
    is-local-dependent-type f  x  (a : A)  B a x)
  map-distributive-Π-is-local-dependent-type B f-loc =
      ( ( equiv-swap-Π) ∘e
        ( ( equiv-Π-equiv-family  a  precomp-Π f (B a) , (f-loc a))) ∘e
          ( equiv-swap-Π)))

  map-distributive-Π-is-local :
    {l3 l4 : Level} {A : UU l3} (B : A  UU l4) 
    ((a : A)  is-local f (B a)) 
    is-local f ((a : A)  B a)
  map-distributive-Π-is-local B =
    map-distributive-Π-is-local-dependent-type  a _  B a)

If every type is f-local, then f is an equivalence

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} {Y : UU l1} {X : UU l2} (f : Y  X)

  is-equiv-is-local :
    ((l : Level) (A : UU l)  is-local f A)  is-equiv f
  is-equiv-is-local = is-equiv-is-equiv-precomp f

If the domain and codomain of f is f-local, then f is an equivalence

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} {Y : UU l1} {X : UU l2} (f : Y  X)

  retraction-section-precomp-domain : section (precomp f Y)  retraction f
  pr1 (retraction-section-precomp-domain section-precomp-Y) =
    pr1 section-precomp-Y id
  pr2 (retraction-section-precomp-domain section-precomp-Y) =
    htpy-eq (pr2 section-precomp-Y id)

  section-is-local-domains' : section (precomp f Y)  is-local f X  section f
  pr1 (section-is-local-domains' section-precomp-Y is-local-X) =
    pr1 section-precomp-Y id
  pr2 (section-is-local-domains' section-precomp-Y is-local-X) =
      ( ap
        ( pr1)
        { ( f  pr1 (section-is-local-domains' section-precomp-Y is-local-X)) ,
          ( ap (postcomp Y f) (pr2 section-precomp-Y id))}
        { id , refl}
        ( eq-is-contr (is-contr-map-is-equiv is-local-X f)))

  is-equiv-is-local-domains' : section (precomp f Y)  is-local f X  is-equiv f
  pr1 (is-equiv-is-local-domains' section-precomp-Y is-local-X) =
    section-is-local-domains' section-precomp-Y is-local-X
  pr2 (is-equiv-is-local-domains' section-precomp-Y is-local-X) =
    retraction-section-precomp-domain section-precomp-Y

  is-equiv-is-local-domains : is-local f Y  is-local f X  is-equiv f
  is-equiv-is-local-domains is-local-Y =
    is-equiv-is-local-domains' (pr1 is-local-Y)

Propositions are f-local if _∘ f has a converse

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} {Y : UU l1} {X : UU l2} (f : Y  X)

  is-local-dependent-type-is-prop :
    {l : Level} (A : X  UU l) 
    ((x : X)  is-prop (A x)) 
    (((y : Y)  A (f y))  ((x : X)  A x)) 
    is-local-dependent-type f A
  is-local-dependent-type-is-prop A is-prop-A =
      (is-prop-Π is-prop-A)
      (is-prop-Π (is-prop-A  f))

  is-local-is-prop :
    {l : Level} (A : UU l) 
    is-prop A  ((Y  A)  (X  A))  is-local f A
  is-local-is-prop A is-prop-A =
    is-local-dependent-type-is-prop  _  A)  _  is-prop-A)


All type families are local at equivalences

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} {Y : UU l1} {X : UU l2} (f : Y  X)

  is-local-dependent-type-is-equiv :
    is-equiv f  {l : Level} (A : X  UU l)  is-local-dependent-type f A
  is-local-dependent-type-is-equiv is-equiv-f =
    is-equiv-precomp-Π-is-equiv is-equiv-f

  is-local-is-equiv :
    is-equiv f  {l : Level} (A : UU l)  is-local f A
  is-local-is-equiv is-equiv-f = is-equiv-precomp-is-equiv f is-equiv-f

Families of contractible types are local at any map

module _
  {l1 l2 : Level} {Y : UU l1} {X : UU l2} (f : Y  X)

  is-local-dependent-type-is-contr :
    {l : Level} (A : X  UU l) 
    ((x : X)  is-contr (A x))  is-local-dependent-type f A
  is-local-dependent-type-is-contr A is-contr-A =
      ( precomp-Π f A)
      ( is-contr-Π is-contr-A)
      ( is-contr-Π (is-contr-A  f))

  is-local-is-contr :
    {l : Level} (A : UU l)  is-contr A  is-local f A
  is-local-is-contr A is-contr-A =
    is-local-dependent-type-is-contr  _  A)  _  is-contr-A)

A type that is local at the unique map empty → unit is contractible

is-contr-is-local :
  {l : Level} (A : UU l)  is-local  (_ : empty)  star) A  is-contr A
is-contr-is-local A is-local-A =
    ( empty  A)
    ( λ a _  a)
    ( is-equiv-comp
      ( λ a' _  a' star)
      ( λ a _ 
        map-inv-is-equiv (is-equiv-map-left-unit-law-Π  _  A)) a star)
      ( is-equiv-map-inv-is-equiv (is-equiv-map-left-unit-law-Π  _  A)))
      ( is-local-A))
    ( universal-property-empty' A)

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