Flat discrete types

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Created on 2023-11-24.
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{-# OPTIONS --cohesion --flat-split #-}

module modal-type-theory.flat-discrete-types where
open import foundation.dependent-pair-types
open import foundation.empty-types
open import foundation.equivalences
open import foundation.function-types
open import foundation.homotopies
open import foundation.identity-types
open import foundation.propositions
open import foundation.unit-type
open import foundation.universe-levels

open import modal-type-theory.flat-modality


A crisp type is said to be (flat) discrete if it is flat modal, i.e. if the flat counit at that type is an equivalence.


is-flat-discrete : {@l : Level} (@A : UU l)  UU l
is-flat-discrete {l} A = is-equiv (counit-flat {l} {A})


Being flat is a property

is-property-is-flat-discrete :
  {@l : Level} (@A : UU l)  is-prop (is-flat-discrete A)
is-property-is-flat-discrete {l} A = is-property-is-equiv (counit-flat {l} {A})

is-flat-discrete-Prop : {@l : Level} (@A : UU l)  Prop l
is-flat-discrete-Prop {l} A = is-equiv-Prop (counit-flat {l} {A})

The empty type is flat

map-is-flat-discrete-empty : empty   empty
map-is-flat-discrete-empty ()

is-section-map-is-flat-discrete-empty :
  (counit-flat  map-is-flat-discrete-empty) ~ id
is-section-map-is-flat-discrete-empty ()

is-retraction-map-is-flat-discrete-empty :
  (map-is-flat-discrete-empty  counit-flat) ~ id
is-retraction-map-is-flat-discrete-empty (cons-flat ())

is-flat-discrete-empty : is-flat-discrete empty
is-flat-discrete-empty =
    ( map-is-flat-discrete-empty)
    ( is-section-map-is-flat-discrete-empty)
    ( is-retraction-map-is-flat-discrete-empty)

The unit type is flat

map-is-flat-discrete-unit : unit   unit
map-is-flat-discrete-unit star = cons-flat star

is-section-map-is-flat-discrete-unit :
  counit-flat  map-is-flat-discrete-unit ~ id
is-section-map-is-flat-discrete-unit _ = refl

is-retraction-map-is-flat-discrete-unit :
  map-is-flat-discrete-unit  counit-flat ~ id
is-retraction-map-is-flat-discrete-unit (cons-flat _) = refl

is-flat-discrete-unit : is-flat-discrete unit
is-flat-discrete-unit =
    ( map-is-flat-discrete-unit)
    ( is-section-map-is-flat-discrete-unit)
    ( is-retraction-map-is-flat-discrete-unit)

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