Flat dependent function types

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Created on 2023-11-24.
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{-# OPTIONS --cohesion --flat-split #-}

module modal-type-theory.flat-dependent-function-types where
open import foundation.universe-levels

open import modal-type-theory.flat-modality


We study interactions between the flat modality and dependent function types.


Flat distributes over dependent function types

module _
  {@l1 l2 : Level} {@A : UU l1} {@B : A  UU l2}

  map-crisp-distributive-flat-Π :  ((x : A)  B x)  ((@x : A)   (B x))
  map-crisp-distributive-flat-Π (cons-flat f) x = cons-flat (f x)

module _
  {@l1 l2 : Level} {@A : UU l1} {@B : UU l2}

  map-crisp-distributive-flat-function-types :  (A  B)  (@A   B)
  map-crisp-distributive-flat-function-types = map-crisp-distributive-flat-Π

  map-distributive-flat-function-types :  (A  B)  ( A   B)
  map-distributive-flat-function-types f (cons-flat x) =
    map-crisp-distributive-flat-function-types f x

See also


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