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Adámek's theorem

The main result is Adámek's theorem for constructing initial algebras of omega-cocontinuous functors (colimAlgIsInitial) which is used to construct inductive types.
Written by: Anders Mörtberg and Benedikt Ahrens, 2015-2016

Adámek's theorem for constructing initial algebras of omega-cocontinuous functors

This section proves that (L,α : F L -> L) is the initial algebra where L is the colimit of the inital chain:
         !          F !           F^2 !
     0 -----> F 0 ------> F^2 0 --------> F^3 0 ---> ...
This result is also known as Adámek's theorem Adámek, Jiří. "Free algebras and automata realizations in the language of categories." Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae 015.4 (1974): 589-602.
Section colim_initial_algebra.

Context {C : precategory} (hsC : has_homsets C) (InitC : Initial C).

Context {F : functor C C} (HF : is_omega_cocont F).

Let Fchain : chain C := initChain InitC F.

Variable (CC : ColimCocone Fchain).

Let L : C := colim CC.
Let FFchain : chain C := mapchain F Fchain.
Let Fa : cocone FFchain (F L) := mapcocone F _ (colimCocone CC).
Let FHC' : isColimCocone FFchain (F L) Fa :=
  HF Fchain L (colimCocone CC) (isColimCocone_from_ColimCocone CC).
Let FHC : ColimCocone FFchain := make_ColimCocone _ _ _ FHC'.

Local Definition shiftCocone : cocone FFchain L.
use make_cocone.
- intro n; apply (coconeIn (colimCocone CC) (S n)).
- abstract (intros m n e; destruct e ;
            apply (coconeInCommutes (colimCocone CC) (S m) _ (idpath _))).

Local Definition unshiftCocone (x : C) (cc : cocone FFchain x) : cocone Fchain x.
use make_cocone.
- simpl; intro n.
  induction n as [|n]; simpl.
  + apply InitialArrow.
  + apply (coconeIn cc _).
- abstract (simpl; intros m n e; destruct e;
            destruct m as [|m]; [ apply InitialArrowUnique
                                | apply (coconeInCommutes cc m _ (idpath _))]).

Local Definition shiftIsColimCocone : isColimCocone FFchain L shiftCocone.
intros x cc; simpl.
use tpair.
+ use tpair.
  × apply colimArrow, (unshiftCocone _ cc).
  × abstract (intro n; apply (colimArrowCommutes CC x (unshiftCocone x cc) (S n))).
+ abstract (intros p; apply subtypePath;
             [ intro f; apply impred; intro; apply hsC
             | apply colimArrowUnique; intro n;
               destruct n as [|n]; [ apply InitialArrowUnique | apply (pr2 p) ]]).

Local Definition shiftColimCocone : ColimCocone FFchain :=
  make_ColimCocone FFchain L shiftCocone shiftIsColimCocone.

Definition colim_algebra_mor : CF L,L := colimArrow FHC L shiftCocone.

Local Definition is_iso_colim_algebra_mor : is_iso colim_algebra_mor :=
  isColim_is_iso _ FHC _ _ shiftIsColimCocone.

Let α : iso (F L) L := make_iso _ is_iso_colim_algebra_mor.
Let α_inv : iso L (F L) := iso_inv_from_iso α.
Let α_alg : algebra_ob F := tpair (λ X : C, C F X, X ) L α.

Lemma unfold_inv_from_iso_α :
  inv_from_iso α = colimArrow shiftColimCocone _ (colimCocone FHC).
apply id_right.

Given an algebra:
   F A ------> A
we now define an algebra morphism ad:
   F L ------> L
    |          |
    |          | ad
    |          |
    V     a    V
   F A ------> A
Section algebra_mor.

Variable (Aa : algebra_ob F).

Local Notation A := (alg_carrier _ Aa).
Local Notation a := (alg_map _ Aa).

Local Definition cocone_over_alg (n : nat) : C dob Fchain n, A .
induction n as [|n Fn]; simpl.
- now apply InitialArrow.
- now apply (# F Fn · a).

Local Notation an := cocone_over_alg.

Arguments dmor : simpl never.

Lemma isCoconeOverAlg n Sn (e : edge n Sn) : dmor Fchain e · an Sn = an n.
destruct e.
induction n as [|n IHn].
- now apply InitialArrowUnique.
- simpl; rewrite assoc.
  apply cancel_postcomposition, pathsinv0.
  eapply pathscomp0; [|simpl; apply functor_comp].
  now apply maponpaths, pathsinv0, IHn.

Local Definition ad : CL,A.
apply colimArrow.
use make_cocone.
- apply cocone_over_alg.
- apply isCoconeOverAlg.

Lemma ad_is_algebra_mor : is_algebra_mor _ α_alg Aa ad.
apply pathsinv0, iso_inv_to_left, colimArrowUnique; simpl; intro n.
destruct n as [|n].
- now apply InitialArrowUnique.
- rewrite assoc, unfold_inv_from_iso_α.
  eapply pathscomp0;
    [apply cancel_postcomposition, (colimArrowCommutes shiftColimCocone)|].
  simpl; rewrite assoc, <- functor_comp.
  apply cancel_postcomposition, maponpaths, (colimArrowCommutes CC).

Local Definition ad_mor : algebra_mor F α_alg Aa := tpair _ _ ad_is_algebra_mor.

End algebra_mor.

Lemma colimAlgIsInitial_subproof (Aa : FunctorAlg F hsC)
        (Fa' : algebra_mor F α_alg Aa) : Fa' = ad_mor Aa.
apply (algebra_mor_eq _ hsC); simpl.
apply colimArrowUnique; simpl; intro n.
destruct Fa' as [f hf]; simpl.
unfold is_algebra_mor in hf; simpl in hf.
induction n as [|n IHn]; simpl.
- now apply InitialArrowUnique.
- rewrite <- IHn, functor_comp, <- assoc.
  eapply pathscomp0; [| eapply maponpaths; apply hf].
  rewrite assoc.
  apply cancel_postcomposition, pathsinv0, (iso_inv_to_right _ _ _ _ _ α).
  rewrite unfold_inv_from_iso_α; apply pathsinv0.
  now eapply pathscomp0; [apply (colimArrowCommutes shiftColimCocone)|].

Lemma colimAlgIsInitial : isInitial (precategory_FunctorAlg F hsC) α_alg.
apply make_isInitial; intros Aa.
(ad_mor Aa).
apply colimAlgIsInitial_subproof.

Definition colimAlgInitial : Initial (precategory_FunctorAlg F hsC) :=
  make_Initial _ colimAlgIsInitial.

End colim_initial_algebra.