Library UniMath.CategoryTheory.limits.FinOrdCoproducts

A direct definition of finite ordered coproducts by using coproducts
Definition of finite ordered coproducts.
Section def_FinOrdCoproducts.

  Variable C : precategory.

  Definition FinOrdCoproducts : UU :=
     (n : nat) (a : stn n C), Coproduct (stn n) C a.
  Definition hasFinOrdCoproducts : UU :=
     (n : nat) (a : stn n C), Coproduct (stn n) C a .

End def_FinOrdCoproducts.

Construction of FinOrdCoproducts from Initial and BinCoproducts.
Section FinOrdCoproduct_criteria.

  Variable C : precategory.
  Hypothesis hs : has_homsets C.

Case n = 0 of the theorem.
  Lemma InitialToCoproduct (I : Initial C):
     (a : stn 0 C), Coproduct (stn 0) C a.
    intros a.
    use (make_Coproduct _ _ _ I
                            (λ i : stn 0, fromempty (weqstn0toempty i))).
    use (make_isCoproduct _ _ hs).
    intros c g. use unique_exists.

    apply (InitialArrow I c).
    intros i. apply (fromempty (weqstn0toempty i)).
    intros y. apply impred_isaprop. intros t. apply hs.
    intros y X. apply InitialArrowUnique.

Case n = 1 of the theorem.
  Lemma ObjectToCoproduct:
     (a : stn 1 C), Coproduct (stn 1) C a.
    intros a.
    set (stn1ob := invweq(weqstn1tounit) tt).
    use (make_Coproduct _ _ _ (a stn1ob)).
    intros i. exact (idtoiso (! (maponpaths a (isconnectedstn1 stn1ob i)))).

    use (make_isCoproduct _ _ hs).
    intros c g.
    use (unique_exists (g stn1ob)).

    intros i. rewrite <- (isconnectedstn1 stn1ob i). apply id_left.

    intros y. apply impred_isaprop. intros t. apply hs.

    intros y X. rewrite <- (X stn1ob). apply pathsinv0. apply id_left.

Finite ordered coproducts from initial and binary coproducts.
  Theorem FinOrdCoproducts_from_Initial_and_BinCoproducts :
    Initial C BinCoproducts C FinOrdCoproducts C.
    intros I BinCoprods. unfold FinOrdCoproducts. intros n. induction n as [|n IHn].

    apply (InitialToCoproduct I).

    intros a.
    set (a1 := λ (i : stn n), a (dni_lastelement i)).
    set (Cone1 := IHn a1).
    set (a2 := (λ _ : stn 1, a lastelement)).
    set (Cone2 := ObjectToCoproduct a2).     set (Cone1In := CoproductIn _ _ Cone1).
    set (Cone2In := CoproductIn _ _ Cone2).
    set (BinCone := BinCoprods (CoproductObject (stn n) C Cone1)
                               (CoproductObject (stn 1) C Cone2)).
    set (in1 := BinCoproductIn1 _ BinCone).
    set (in2 := BinCoproductIn2 _ BinCone).
    set (m1 := λ i1 : stn n, (Cone1In i1) · in1).
    set (m2 := λ i2 : stn 1, (Cone2In i2) · in2).

    use (make_Coproduct (stn (S n)) C a (BinCoproductObject _ BinCone) _).

    intros i. induction (natlehchoice4 (pr1 i) _ (pr2 i)) as [a0|b].
    exact (idtoiso (maponpaths a (dni_lastelement_eq n i a0))
                   · m1 (make_stn n (pr1 i) a0)).
    exact (idtoiso (maponpaths a (lastelement_eq n i b))
                   · m2 (invweq(weqstn1tounit) tt)).

    use (make_isCoproduct _ _ hs).

    intros c g.
    set (g1 := λ i : stn n, g(dni_lastelement i)).
    set (ar1 := CoproductArrow _ _ Cone1 g1).
    set (com1 := BinCoproductIn1Commutes _ _ _ BinCone c ar1
                                          (g lastelement)).
    set (com2 := BinCoproductIn2Commutes _ _ _ BinCone c ar1
                                         (g lastelement)).
    set (com3 := CoproductInCommutes _ _ _ Cone1 _ g1).
    set (com4 := CoproductInCommutes _ _ _ Cone2 _
                                     (λ _ : stn 1, g lastelement)).

    use (unique_exists).

    use (BinCoproductArrow _ BinCone).
    use (CoproductArrow _ _ Cone1). intros i. exact (g (dni_lastelement i)).
    use (CoproductArrow _ _ Cone2). intros i. exact (g lastelement).

    intros i. unfold coprod_rect. induction (natlehchoice4 (pr1 i) n (pr2 i)) as [a0|b].
    rewrite (dni_lastelement_eq n i a0). repeat rewrite <- assoc.
    apply remove_id_left. apply idpath.

    unfold m1. unfold in1. rewrite <- assoc. fold g1. fold ar1.
    use (pathscomp0 (maponpaths (λ f : _, Cone1In (make_stn n (pr1 i) a0) · f)
    fold ar1 in com3. rewrite com3. unfold g1. apply idpath.

    rewrite (lastelement_eq n i b). repeat rewrite <- assoc.
    apply remove_id_left. apply idpath.

    unfold m2. unfold in2. rewrite <- assoc. fold g1. fold ar1.
    use (pathscomp0 (maponpaths (λ f : _, Cone2In lastelement · f) com2)).
    rewrite com4. apply idpath.

    intros y. apply impred_isaprop. intros t. apply hs.

    unfold coprod_rect. intros k X.
    apply BinCoproductArrowUnique.

    apply CoproductArrowUnique.
    intros i. rewrite <- (X (dni_lastelement i)). rewrite assoc.
    apply cancel_postcomposition.
    induction (natlehchoice4 (pr1 (dni_lastelement i)) n
                             (pr2 (dni_lastelement i))) as [a0|b].
    unfold m1. rewrite assoc. unfold in1.
    apply cancel_postcomposition.
    unfold Cone1In. apply pathsinv0.

    set (e := dni_lastelement_is_inj (dni_lastelement_eq n (dni_lastelement i)
    use (pathscomp0 _ (CoproductIn_idtoiso (stn n) C (a dni_lastelement)%functions Cone1
    apply cancel_postcomposition.
    apply maponpaths. apply maponpaths.     rewrite <- (maponpathscomp _ a).
    apply maponpaths. apply isasetstn.

    apply fromempty. induction i as [i i'].
    cbn in b. induction (!b).
    apply (isirreflnatlth _ i').

    apply CoproductArrowUnique.
    intros i. rewrite <- (X lastelement). rewrite assoc.
    apply cancel_postcomposition.
    induction (natlehchoice4 (pr1 lastelement) n (pr2 lastelement)) as [a0|b].

    apply fromempty. cbn in a0. apply (isirreflnatlth _ a0).

    apply pathsinv0. unfold m2. rewrite assoc. unfold in2.
    apply cancel_postcomposition. unfold Cone2In.

    set (e := isconnectedstn1 i (invweq(weqstn1tounit) tt)).
    use (pathscomp0 _ (CoproductIn_idtoiso (stn 1) C
                                           (λ _ : _, a lastelement)
                                           Cone2 e)).
    apply cancel_postcomposition.
    apply maponpaths. apply maponpaths.     fold (@funcomp (stn 1) _ _ (λ _ : stn 1, lastelement) a).
    rewrite <- (maponpathscomp (λ _ : stn 1, lastelement) a).
    apply maponpaths. apply isasetstn.

End FinOrdCoproduct_criteria.