School and Workshop on Univalent Mathematics

sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation

December 11-15, 2017, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom


Univalent Type Theory is an emerging field of mathematics that studies a fruitful relationship between homotopy theory and (dependent) type theory. This relation plays a crucial role in Voevodsky's program of Univalent Foundations, a new approach to foundations of mathematics, based on ideas from homotopy theory, such as the Univalence Principle.

The UniMath library is a large repository of computer-checked mathematics, developed from the univalent viewpoint. It is freely available for everyone, as an open-source project, from the web. The workshop will give many young researchers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the UniMath library and become contributors.


During the school/workshop, the participants will be working either individually or in small groups, mentored by experienced UniMath developers. The problems will be designed to be of practical importance in the development of the UniMath library as well as of pedagogical value to participants.


The school/workshop takes place at the University of Birmingham, UK. The address is Learning Center, Birmingham B15 2FG, UK. The map below indicates the walking path from the nearby train station 'University' to the Learning Center.

Mailing lists


The following is a rough schedule, to be refined in the near future. Important: Wednesday afternoon is off. Also, the lab session on Friday afternoon should be considered optional, so participants can travel home after lunch.
Monday, 11 December
Morning Lectures
Afternoon Lab session
Tuesday, 12 December
Morning Lectures
Afternoon Lab session
Wednesday, 13 December
Morning Lectures
Afternoon Free time
Thursday, 14 December
Morning Lectures
Afternoon Lab session
Friday, 15 December
Morning Lectures
Afternoon Lab session (optional)

Application and funding

To apply for the workshop, please fill out the application form. The deadline to apply is October 15, 2017. Decisions will be made by the end of October.

Financial support is available to cover participants' travel and lodging expenses. Please indicate your funding needs in the application form.

Information for funded participants: Please collect your receipts for flight tickets, rail tickets, hotel bill, etc. Also keep your boarding passes. You will need to provide them for reimbursement of your costs.



We ask participants to arrange their own accommodation. Below we give some information and list a few hotels - you might use a search engine or hotel booking website to find others.

The school/workshop takes place at the University of Birmingham, located at Edgbaston, Birmingham. We recommend choosing accommodation in the city centre of Birmingham, and taking the train to University. The train ride from the city centre train station, called New Street, to the University station (see section Location) takes about 10 minutes, and trains run very frequently. A return ticket is GBP 3.

The New Street train station is in the newly renovated Grand Central, which besides the station features many restaurants and shops, and which is not run-down as one might expect a train station to be. Birmingham city centre is lively and features many restaurants.

You can start your search using this Google Maps search link. We have personal experience only with the following hotel: The area around the University campus accommodates mostly students and might, accordingly, be less calm or well-maintained than desired. We advise against booking accommodation there.

Before the event

Recommended reading

You can prepare for the school by studying some of the material listed below.

Installing UniMath

Please install UniMath on your laptop before coming to Birmingham. To this end, read the installation instructions. In case of problems or questions, contact the UniMath mailing list.


For any questions, contact Benedikt Ahrens (email) or Chris Kapulkin (email).