UniMath School Materials (2022)

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Material for Schools and Workshops on Univalent Mathematics


  1. Follow instructions Preparing your computer of the UniMath installation guide
  2. Follow instructions Installation of ProofGeneral of the UniMath installation guide
  3. Type the following into a terminal:
    $ git clone https://github.com/UniMath/Schools
    $ cd Schools
    $ make

    This last step will take a long time: as part of that step, UniMath and Coq are downloaded and compiled.

  4. See the usage instructions for information on how to step through the exercise files located in the subdirectories 2017-12-Birmingham and 2019-04-Birmingham. Note that the automatic setup of the work environment mentioned in the usage instructions has been extended for this repository to encompass these subdirectories.

For help, see Help section of UniMath.